Laura Jew

Baby Massage and Yoga Instructor in Worcester

At YogiBabi, we focus on developing strong, trusting relationships between parents and their babies – helping to build emotionally stable children who are able to learn and thrive as they grow throughout life. I spent years discovering the benefits of yoga and massage as an adult – the ability of the disciplines to bring harmony to the mind and body, and to connect us to both ourselves and each other on a deep level.

Having previously worked as a primary school teacher, I decided to combine my passion for early years development with my love of massage and yoga, in creating a series of dedicated baby massage and yoga courses in Worcester. I now teach both small group sessions, and 1:1 sessions for parents and their babies – from 6 weeks, through to early school years.

These sessions take a holistic approach to relaxation and mindfulness, and will support and teach parents about early attachment and relationships – as well as developing children’s emotional health and wellbeing.

Our courses focus on the benefits of touch, eye contact and compassion in building a close bond between you and your child through their formative years. We will look at the benefits and importance of love, secure connection, attachment and relaxation for babies and children through both massage and yoga. Both practices can help babies to sleep longer, relieve wind, colic, constipation and teething discomfort – and, as an adult, the sessions will support you with feeling closer to your baby, whilst gaining a deeper understanding of their behaviours.

“We loved Baby massage with Laura, I was really apprehensive before we started but she instantly put us as easy. Laura was more than happy to have a cuddle with my little girl while I got our stuff sorted. Laura is very knowledgeable and I found all of the techniques easy to follow.”

Rhiannon . Worcester

“Laura is a great teacher and I recommend her to all of my friends. Practising the techniques at home really helped my daughters constipation and it was a lovely way for us to get to know each other better. My husband came along to one of the sessions and he loved it, he loves massaging our little girl.”

Emily . Malvern

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